Cybersecurity B.S. Student @ Purdue University

Former President of b01lers @ Purdue.

Active member of Taiwanese CTF Team ${CyStick} and TSJ. Part of TWN48.

Specialize in Pwnable, Crypto, and all kind of miscellaneous challenges.

I enjoy researching cool tricks and quirks in various computing systems and languages, as well as optimizing thing with techniques and algorithms.

Animation - created with shadertoy.

  • MapleCTF 2023 - lost-in-space

    This year I participated with ${CyStick} in MapleCTF. This post is the writeup to one of the challenges - lost-in-space. This challenge resembles the segfault labyrinth challenge from Google CTF 2022 but with more restrictions.

  • HITCON CTF 2023 - LessEQualmore / SUBformore

    This is a two challenge series I created for HITCON CTF 2023. It’s a subleq interpreter and program that need to be reversed and exploited.

  • HITCON CTF 2023 - Careless Padding

    This is a challenge I created for HITCON CTF 2023. As the name sugguests, this is a challenge related to padding oracle attack.

    You might say: “Hey that’s boring, everyone know padding oracle already… What’s new?”

    Well, what about a whole new padding methods? I hope this sparks your interest, and keep reading for my writeup and thought process for creating this challenge.

  • UIUCTF 2023 Writeups

    Last weekend, our rival Sigpwny hosted their UIUCTF. We ranked 24th in the end. I solved 6 crypto, 4 reverse, and 1 pwn. This post will go through some of my solves in details. Hopefully this can serve as a tutorial for simular challenges in the future.

    Challenge solved after the competition are marked as [*]

  • GoogleCTF 2023 Writeup

    Last weekend, I played GoogleCTF with b01lers. We ranked 55th in the end. I solved 2 misc, 1 rev, 1 crypto, and 3 pwn. This writeup will mostly focus on my own thought process while solving the challenges, and I’d recommand reading the official writeups as well.

    Challenge solved after the competition are marked as [*]

  • Greycat CTF Quals 2023 Writeup

    Last weekend, I participated in Grey Cat CTF Qual 2023 with b01lers. We ranked 22nd overall. I think the challenges are interesting and decided to post writeups on the challenges I solved. I solved 6 crypto and 1 pwn (with help from teammate) during the competition.

    Challenge solved after the competition are marked as [*]

  • b01lersCTF 2023 - Padlock

    For the past year, b01lers has been a huge success in my opion, with our 2023 edition of b01lers CTF, more interesting challeges are solved by the curious individuals. We received a lot of feedback, and most of them are positive! I’m glad for hosting such a wholesome event for everyone :)

  • ACSC 2023 Writeup

    This year I participated in Asian Cyber Security Challenge and placed 38th place out of all participants. This documents the writeups for all of the challenges I solved. The writeup will be in chronological order ;) Challenge solved after the competition are marked as [*]

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