Cybersecurity B.S. Student @ Purdue University

Former President of b01lers @ Purdue.

Active member of Taiwanese CTF Team ${CyStick} and TSJ. Part of TWN48.

Specialize in Pwnable, Crypto, and all kind of miscellaneous challenges.

I enjoy researching cool tricks and quirks in various computing systems and languages, as well as optimizing thing with techniques and algorithms.

Animation - created with shadertoy.

  • b01lersCTF 2024 Author Writeup

    Time flies. Suddenly it’s been one full year since the last b01lersCTF. This year’s edition featured A LOT more challenges and seems like an overall success. Prop to the new President (@Gabe) for organizing the whole event!

    This year I created 5 challenges for b01lersCTF, and I hoped that everyone enjoyed them.

  • cursedCTF 2024 - cursed writeup

    🎉🎉 Cursed CTF run for the second year 🎉🎉

    During HITCON CTF Final, I met some of the admins for cursedCTF, and joined the admin team. In the end, I posted 6 challenges. I hope that everyone enjoyed the cursedness of this competition.

  • ACSC 2024 writeup

    This weekend I played ACSC, trying to qualify for ICC. (Probably not the best timing while running cursedCTF on the side). In the end, I solved 11 challenges, though mostly the easier ones.

  • Shader Introduction - Fractal Shader (Part 1 /???)

    Over the past few weeks, I have gained interest in shader. I love how complicated patterns can be created from simple, concise code. I was watching YouTube mindlessly and found several wonderful tutorials that taught me the basics of shader, and that’s how I got started. I’ll link those tutorials along the way and at the end of this article.

  • MapleCTF 2023 - lost-in-space

    This year I participated with ${CyStick} in MapleCTF. This post is the writeup to one of the challenges - lost-in-space. This challenge resembles the segfault labyrinth challenge from Google CTF 2022 but with more restrictions.

  • HITCON CTF 2023 - LessEQualmore / SUBformore

    This is a two challenge series I created for HITCON CTF 2023. It’s a subleq interpreter and program that need to be reversed and exploited.

  • HITCON CTF 2023 - Careless Padding

    This is a challenge I created for HITCON CTF 2023. As the name sugguests, this is a challenge related to padding oracle attack.

    You might say: “Hey that’s boring, everyone know padding oracle already… What’s new?”

    Well, what about a whole new padding methods? I hope this sparks your interest, and keep reading for my writeup and thought process for creating this challenge.

  • UIUCTF 2023 Writeups

    Last weekend, our rival Sigpwny hosted their UIUCTF. We ranked 24th in the end. I solved 6 crypto, 4 reverse, and 1 pwn. This post will go through some of my solves in details. Hopefully this can serve as a tutorial for simular challenges in the future.

    Challenge solved after the competition are marked as [*]

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