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Purdue University

BS in Cybersecurity | Class of 2024
Current GPA: 3.99 / 4.0
Dean’s List: Spring 2023, Fall 2022, Spring 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2020


Security Research Internship @ Trapa Security

September 2023 - Present
Analyzed security vulnerability in Linux Kernel
Created 1-day exploit to known vulnerability

IT Internship @ CTS Corporation

May 2023 - August 2023
Integrated existing policy with security standards and identified the gaps during security audits
Utilized scripting skills in analyzing data from automatic network vulnerability scanning tools
Migrated documentations into centralized location along with created appropriate counterparts for the new systems introduced

Undergraduate Research Assistant @ Purdue University PurSecLab

Decemeber 2022 - May 2023
Research Control Flow Technology in linux kernel
Replicated CVEs in newer kernel using qemu

President @ B01lers CTF team

August 2022 - July 2023
Placed 10th place out of all US CTF teams on CTFtime in 2022
Arranged call out and boot camp with 100+ participants
Introduced advanced security ideas to newcomers in approachable manner

Teaching Assistance @ AIS3

July 2022
Guided 150 participants in advanced information security lectures
Assisted 20 participants in generating ideas for security projects related to current technologies
Enhanced understanding of modern automobile security and their interactions with surroundings

Competition and Awards

SECCON CTF 2023 (with ${CyStick})

September 2023 - December 2023
3rd Place (Final) / 2nd Place (Qualifier) / 653 teams

HITCON CTF 2023 (with TWN48)

August 2023 - November 2023
Created 3 challenges for qualifier and 1 challenge for final

Mitre eCTF 2023 (with Purdue)

Feburary 2023 - May 2023
6th Place / 80 teams | Best Poster award

CSAW CTF 2022 (with B01lers)

December 2022
13th Place (Final) / 6th Place (Qualifier) / 880 teams

DEFCON CTF 2022 (with [email protected])

August 2022
9th Place (Final) / 2nd Place (Qualifier) / 470 teams

HackIN 2021 (with B01lers)

November 2021
3rd Place / 30 teams

Mitre eCTF 2021 (with Purdue)

Feburary 2021 - May 2021
8th Place / 16 teams
My Implementation:

HITCON CTF 2020 (with Goburin')

December 2020
2nd Place (Final) / 3rd Place (Qualifier) / 710 teams

AIS3 2019

July 2019
Best Project Award


Cute Floating Ghost

July 2023 | Shader, GLSL, Ray marching
This animation is cretaed using ray marching and sharder math. I draw the ghost that float and move in the ocean!
There will be a blog post about this! Stay tune!

Ascii art web server

April 2023 - May 2023 | Server, Cocurrency, OS
This project created a server with web interface that takes a url to an image and converts it to ascii art. The server spawns works threads and spread the incoming connections to the different workers to allow cocurrent processing. The server experiments with the new proc_fd and the ability to pass file descriptors to different processes.

Padding Oracle On Custom Padding Methods

March 2023 - April 2023 | Cryptography, Block Cipher
Discoverd efficient attack method against novel padding method proposed in this conference paper
Created a CTF challenge based on the attack method in HITCON CTF

Vulnerability Explorer

January 2023 - current | Python, Flask, Compiler | !Note that this project is still in idea phase
Visualized execution of vulnerable program graphically for better comprehension
Implemented simplified compiler for easy experimentation


January 2023 | Shellscript, Bash
This is a simple shellscript that drops the user into a temprary folder. This script allows user to do simple expirements without worrying about messing up the folder structure. The script supports keeping the result of the temprary folder and naming the session

Raspnerry PI Remote Display Server

December 2021 | Python, Flask, LCD display
Designed Interaction between web server and hardware LCD screen
Allowed easy management of remote display with real tiem monitoring
Implemented simple database for swapping previously displayed images

Ferris Sweep Keyboard

December 2021 | Micro-controller, Keyboard, Soldering
I attempted to create my own keyboard using the ferris sweep 34 key design. I used nice-nano micro controller along with the zmk firmware to support bluetoon connection. The link above goes to the zmk config I used during the build.

This Blog Website

September 2021 - current | Jekyll, Markdown, HTML, CSS
This website is originally created from a jekyll blog website template by Chad Baldwin . I later expended the website to suit my need.
The components updated includes:
  • The theme for navigation bar
  • Tag filter in page archieve, taken mostly from TeXt theme
  • Separate about me page
  • Back to top button
Link to source code:

Code Optimization on Pattern Matching Algorithm

June 2021 | C++, Optimization, Cache
Implement the FM-index algorithm under the ideal time complexity
Applied optimization such as loop unrolling and compression to minimize cache miss-rate
Achieved 41x runtime efficiency compared to the naive implementation

Adversarial Example Generator

july 2019 | Machine Learning, Python
Adversarial Example are images that are wrongly identified by machine learning models. This project aims to create a model to automagically generate adversarial examples.
This is a project at AIS3 2019 and won the best project award

Battle Starship

January 2018
This is a minigame made in single page html + javascript
Credit to donnie9171 for the original idea and prototype in Scratch.